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Digital Signage
Dolphin Media and Design Digital Signage specialists

When you need to display information to your organisation or potential customers, Digital Signage is the definitely the way ahead.

There are two primary reasons why;

1. Information can be added, updated instantly – the speed of delivery of information is critical to its value.
2.Your audience needs to be interested enough to look at and therefore understand the message.

This second point is why digital signage is so important. If you take an example, say a number of screens around a site. Firstly people need to be interested enough to look at the screens. This is why simple Powerpoint type presentations are not enough.

Digital Signage splits the screen into separate “panels” that contain anything from live TV, Graphics to RSS feeds. The TV element will get the attention the remainder is used to reinforce branding and deliver truly up to date information, for example.

The last element is network connectivity, screens are connected to your network so that information is sent to them (as long as access permissions are passed) from any networked computer.

Dolphin Media & Design Ltd have the expertise in large screen displays so that the finished system is coherent and suited to your application.

Specific Products


Dolphin have supplied many of these systems. They are web browser based media players with full content creation and publishing tools. A single media player can run any number of screens – if the same layout is required across the site. The screens can be anything from 3D holo screens to giant projected images.


The Samsung Magicinfo Pro system uses a different approach, each screen has its own Windows PC built in, so it runs by itself until you update the individual screens across the LAN or WAN. This is ideal for organisations that have specific content for specific locations.