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What we offer: LG, NEC, Samsung, Panasonic

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There is more variety of technology and types of display in this equipment than in any other professional display. The commercial (sometimes called business and professional) types differ from the familiar home units principally in terms of durability, market specific features (medical displays – for example), connectivity and advanced image processing. It is true to say the home TV can be of exceptional quality but they can also be very cheap, often for obvious reasons. There is no reason why some domestic TV’s cannot function perfectly well in the commercial world and some applications demand an inexpensive screen. However as a rule of thumb if your organisation needs long term value for money and the best in image quality then the professional product is normally the best choice.



Regarded as still the best in terms of colour reproduction and available in sizes up to 150 inch. The plasma display is a little bit more energy hungry and can suffer from image burn, especially in digital signage and public display use.


This technology can be outstanding in terms of image quality but it can also be almost unwatchable. A cheap LCD display can make even an old CRT (tube) TV look good! NEC, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Mitsubishi are among the very best displays. These manufacturers are all available from Dolphin Media & Design in both commercial and high end domestic types, often for highly specialised applications.


More correctly LED-LCD, this technology answers some of the problems with LCD, i.e. speed of response, black levels and contrast ratio. Some of the design aspects of these units are truly wonderful, ultra thin, narrow bezels etc. Some of the most amazing image quality we have seen features this technology. True HD is a given with any new display and 3D is an option on most.

Our Recommended LEDS, LCDS Plasma, 3D TV

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Samsung 8000 series LED LCD

NEC Projectors

Immerse yourself in a great TV experience delivered with style and intelligence. The integrated and innovative Smart Hub ensures everything from surfing the internet on your TV to flicking through pictures and home movies, is effortless. Whether watching a movie or listening to music, you will instantly notice the superior 3D experience

Key Feature
>> The Ultimate Domestic Screen
>> Ideal for business
>> True HD and 3D experience
>> Smart TV

Panasonic Plasma 103inch

NEC Projectors

The Panasonic 103" Plasma has been installed in prestigious locations across the world, both in commercial and residential applications. After years of research and development, this large scale screen features all of Panasonic’s Viera range screen developments. Experience the stunning picture quality, with Full HD 1080p resolution and perfect image reproduction. A long service life of over 100,000 hours, makes the screens perfect investment for public display and 24/7 applications.

Key Feature
>> The Ultimate Very Large Flatscreen
>> 103" Diagonal or even 150" Diagnal
>> Panasonic proven Plasma technology

LG Commercial

NEC Projectors

Designed for Digital Signage Applications, the M4214CCBA large screen LCD Monitor displays advertisements, information and broadcast video with Full HD brilliance. The M4214CCBA is manufactured at the highest quality level and is designed for 24/7 continuous operation. As a part of the SuperSign Solution, the M4214CCBA is built-in ready for the NC2000 media player. Its integrated LAN control enables individual management for multiple displays and eliminates the need for an IP card and an IP Interface box.

Key Feature
>> Heavy Duty Commercial use
>> Digital signage and Video Walls
>> Vast range of sizes 27" to 65"

NEC P Series

NEC Projectors

Expand your messaging options with superior screen performance. The NEC P Series, featuring the 40” P402, 46” P462, 52” P521, 55” P551 and 70” P701, provides a first-class solution for your digital signage applications. Its high contrast, industrial-strength design and Enhanced Digital Signage Technology Suite (DSTS), which boasts more than 30 advanced features, make these displays ideal for 24/7 operation in even the harshest environments.

Key Feature
>> Full High Definition
>> Work horse display for constant commercial use
>> 40" to 70" screen sizes