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What we offer:Have a look at are new room designs, these can easily be implemented into your business

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Audio Visual Room Solutions

Dolphin Media design and build around 50 company boardrooms a year and many more purpose made meeting rooms. The communication of ideas, sharing of information or just creating the right impression is, obviously, absolutely essential to any organisation. From the largest plc to any local business, a properly designed and constructed system will make life easier. The look and feel of your room must be sympathetic to the organisation. A technology company may want High Definition images, truly impressive sound and a control system reminiscent of a starship's flight deck!

Other organisations will want to project a more frugal yet efficient image. From custom joinery to touch screen control of lights, blinds etc we can realise your ideas. Just see what some of our customers say about us. Or of course, drop us a line.

Design Process
Audio Visual system design

The starting point is always you're ideas, the nature of you're business and available budget. We will design a system that will incorporate the following basic elements; future proofing, digital source (image and sound), display, sound and a user interface that enables non-technical people to benefit from 21st Century presentations. We will produce concept drawings, technical drawings, equipment layouts and a financial proposal that shows exactly (down to the connectors used) the number and type of equipment.

Some of the design concepts we have worked on include a virtual fish tank ( with waterfall), TV studio displays, a giant golf ball made of LCD screens and of course lecture theatres and boardrooms.