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Video Conferencing has rapidly evolved from science fiction through boardroom toy to an essential business tool. The social, environmental and cost saving elements of this technology are well documented and obvious to see. Less obvious are the prerequisites for an effective meeting. The webcam approach may be fine for casual internet based chats but true video conferencing must involve certain basic requirments: Hardware capable of high speed video or even HD.

Enough capacity in the link between sites. i.e bandwidth using IP or ISDN carriers. Well designed integration with the room displays (plasma or projection) and sound.

This is why you should choose Dolphin Media, We have specialist communications technnicians and over 20 years experience with visuals, images and sound. Once you have experienced true video conferencing for quality and reliability the world will come to you in a very real way. Contact us for a demonstration or room hire.

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Your need for video conferencing may be for one off meetings, for example a job interview, product reviews etc. You may want to experience the technology with the view to future developments within your own organisation. There are thousands of reasons why, but when it comes down to it every application needs clear, fast video and natural sound.

This is when our client's turn to us. We have our own VC studio and access to sites all over the world. We can arrange everything for you; the technology, the studio and even the tea / coffee.

We use the technology daily as part of our after sales service, design consultation and numerous other applications. So when it comes to helping you through your first VC or advising a seasoned user we can honestly say we are many organisations first choice. By no means last, there is the environmental consideration. This technology will help us all realise the carbon emissions reductions called for by scientists across the globe. Contact us for demonstration or room hire.