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What we offer: Latest news and informations about the cutting edge of audio visual technologies

Welcome to the latest news and future gazing part of the web site. We have listed some of the new releases from the major manufacturers along with some technologies that may come to production in the medium term. We also list our very own latest news If you have any news to share – drop us an e-mail.


Dolphin Media Installation of Holographic Display Screen


Dolphin Media have completed a unique installation for a client in the south of England. An image appears to float in the air in front of visitors as they walk in to the building.

The effect is achieved using a special laminate of optical glass and a linear lens. The image is projected on to the laminate using an ultra short throw projector, hidden from view.

The client was absolutely delighted with the result.

New products from LG and Samsung


Both LG and Samsung have new products in prototype. The idea is an LCD display that is transparent until an image is sent to the screen then the panel behaves exactly like a normal flat screen display. Obvious applications include point of sale displays for retail. In addition LG have launched the first large format OLED screen.

Dolphin Media win new contract


Dolphin Media are pleased to announce the award of a new contract from Overbury. The project is worth £180K and is a 3 month full audio visual fit out on 2 floors for an International Financial Services Company.

Creston lead the way


Crestron continue to lead the way with digital media technology. Essentially this solves the problem of the new digital (HDMI) (DVI) signals from HD and PC devices connecting to professional display screens. The bonus is that the familiar VGA and audio connectors are still available. All the signals travel down one wire – reducing installation costs.

Dolphin Media expand


Dolphin Media continue to expand with the addition of 3000 square feet of space dedicated to engineering services. Now we have the space to build and test system racks prior to shipping to site as well as the capacity to hold spares in stock. This will obviously speed up engineering and service operations.

Dolphin Media receive new crestron status


6) Dolphin Media have been awarded, Crestron Digital Media Designer Status. Dave Paget has completed 3 days of training with Crestron UK. The course was hard work with both practical and theory exams.

3D battle lines drawn


Samsung and LG (well known industry friends!) have gone for Active and Passive 3D technology respectively.

Active - uses battery powered and quite expensive glasses but can give awesome 3D experience. Passive – very inexpensive glasses and allegedly easier on the eyes. We have recently seen breathtaking demo of this 3D screen

Interactive table top


NEC, Hitachi and Mitsubishi all have an ultra short throw projector that turns a meeting room table or desk into an interactive display. Grab an object, move it around, annotate and much more. This looks very futuristic and is as impressive as it is practical

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) Screens


Sony have launched the first screen using this new technology. Essentially the diode produces a brilliant white light; organic compounds are used to produce a full colour display. Incredibly thin (3mm) and almost 3D quality pictures are widely reported. The down side - it’s going to be a long wait for the big screen sizes and some concerns over longevity of products.