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A international company’s , London office

A international company’s ,London office is on the penthouse floor of an iconic riverside address. They needed a Wow factor to welcome their guests. Having explored various technologies, an ultra wide seamless LED. statement


AOTO’s brand new Mini LED 0.9mm was the clear winner.


AVEVA supply and support incredible industrial software providing the user direct control and visibility of all the assets in their Power Station, Airport, Wind Farm, oil refinery or even a City. When AVEVA chose to have their office on the penthouse floor of an iconic London address they wanted a wow factor to welcome their guests as the lift doors open.


Working with brand agency Archetype; Dolphin Media & Design developed an ultra wide seamless LED screen display. Very important for AVEVA was outstanding image quality as they host live events streaming to staff and clients and will use the screen as a backdrop. Sourcing a flicker free screen chosen by TV studios was key. AOTO LED can be found in numerous TV studios. In the miniLED, AOTO have solved and removed the moiré effect and enabled support of HDR and HLG. The six and a half by two metre AOTO Mini LED 0.9mm screen is the very first of its kind to be installed in the UK.


The screen boasts a resolution of 7042 x 2160 pixels, and is driven by AOTOs 8k LED Processor. Delivering images and video of this size, requires a lot of processing power alongside the ability to create a completely bespoke control interface. The obvious choice was Christie’s Pandoras Box media server and native control environment, Widget Designer. Dolphin brought in Christies in-house team to program the Pandoras Box Media Server with Widget Designer control and AirScan giving us the interactivity and control needed to enable the mix of ambient video / signage content and  interactive software demonstration. A key part of the brief for this screen was to enable a live demonstration of AVEVA’s software so that potential customers could be shown the system in action on a control room sized screen.


Dolphin enabled the demo to be displayed at the push of a button in the hand held Widget Designer powered User interface. Users are able to plug in their laptop and using the Widget Designer powered Microsoft Surface tablet, preview and cast their image/document to the screen. The previewing of the image uses NDI technology, converting HDMI o network video and embedded into the Widget Designers GUI. AV mount supplier Peerless Mounts was chosen to provide the custom built bracket system to mount the screen to the wall and keep it absolutely flat which, due to the 0.9mm pixel pitch, was imperative

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